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Options Employment Opportunities last update 5/19/2017. Our openings are updated on

Friday. Please check back weekly for updates. Call Kate K. at (608) 249-1585

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Home Support Worker Positions start at $12.50 to $16/hr depending on the specific responsibilities and required experience. Please see the employment listings below.

1. Two friends who share a house on Madison's Eastside enjoy painting and music, books and movies. They are looking for assistance with their daily routines. CNA skills a plus. The following positions are now open due to the revised schedule: T,Th, e/o Sat & Sun 5p-9p; M,W,F, e/o Sat 4p-8p and e/o Sun 12p-8p; asleep overnight e/o F 9p-Sat 12p and e/o Sat 9p-Sun 12p. $13/hr CR/JG

2.  Check-in with an older woman and her housemate to assist and give assurances as needed. Open hours: Monday 4:30-7:30p; Wednesday 12:30-3p; Saturday 8-11a; every other Saturday 3-6p; Sunday 8-11a; every other Sunday 3-6p. Applicants must be okay with cigarette smoke. $12.50/hr NG

3.  A man who lives on the Westside is searching for someone to assist with his tile-making business on Monday and Tuesday 10:30a-4p. Artistic creativity and experience with autism a plus. He is also looking for someone to spend time with him as he enjoys walks in the neighborhood and doing in-home activities in the evening. Open hours: Monday 3:30-8:30p; Tuesday 3:30-8:30p; every other Saturday 3:30-8:30p; every other Sunday 10:30a-4:30p; every other Sunday 3:30-8:30p; asleep overnight every other Thursday 10p-7:30a. $12.75/hr AB

4. Three friendly, older men who live in the Capitol East neighborhood are looking for assistance with their daily routine and community activities. CNA experience a plus but not required. Open hours: every other Sunday 3-8p. $12.75/hr DR/DN/PP

5. Join a team dedicated to supporting a young woman who lives on the Eastside of Madison. Follow her complex support plan and learn with her to explore her interests. Applicants must have acceptable driving record to drive agency vehicle. Experience supporting individuals with autism is preferable. Open hours: Monday 8a-4p; Friday 10a-4p; Saturday 10a-4p; Sunday 2-8p (working every other Saturday and Sunday is an option). $14/hour ML

6. Spend time with a young man who enjoys community activities, trying new restaurants, or going to an occasional movie. Be a part of a dynamic team. Experience with autism is a plus but not required as long as you are willing to learn. Open hours: Monday 4:30-10p; Sunday 8:30a-2p; awake overnight Tuesday 10p-8:30a; awake overnight every other Thursday 10p-8:30a. $14/hr NR

7. Help make a real difference in someone's life and have tons of fun at the same time. A young man who lives on Madison's west side needs support from someone who loves the outdoors, being active and creative. If you can go from scrubbing the kitchen floor to starting a camp fire, this is the job for you. The right applicant must have an acceptable driving record and adequate insurance to drive an agency van. Open shifts: Wednesday 2:45-9p; Saturday 3p-9p. $12.50/hr AK

8. Two easy-going gents are looking for a friendly person to help with their medications, meal prep, household cleaning tasks, recreational activities and general problem-solving. Enjoy their sense of humor and join in the fun. They live in a westside neighborhood near Whitney Way. Open hours: Tuesday 5-8p; Thursday 5-8p; Saturday 7-9a; every other Saturday 5-8p (with some time flexibility). $12.50/hr SM/PW

9. Part-time opportunity in Verona. Get to know a young man while supporting him with meal prep and household tasks. The right person is energetic, creative and sometimes silly. The right person enjoys cartoons and taking walks in new places as well as familiar spots. Applicant must have adequately insured vehicle and acceptable driving record. Open hours: every other Saturday and Sunday 12p-8p. $12.50/hour NK

10. Provide one-on-one companionship and support as a job coach for a young woman whose interests include pop culture and music, chic fashion and shopping. She enjoys going for walks, preparing and cooking food, building relationships, and she expects the same from people who spend time with her. The right person must be interested in helping her in the community and in a work-type environment while following her sensory and daily schedule. Experience with autism is a plus but not required if you are willing to learn. Applicants must have an acceptable driving record to drive agency vehicle. Open hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 8a-3p. Shifts to be split between two job coaches. $13.50/hr HB

11. An active woman who lives across from Meriter Hospital is looking for the right person to assist with her morning routine on Tuesday and Thursday 10:30a-1:30p. She is also looking for assistance with her evening meal and personal cares as needed on Monday, Tuesday and every other Saturday/Sunday 4p-7p. She is also looking for someone to assist her with her bedtime routine on Tuesday and Thursday 10:30p-12:00a and to be on-call during the night. $12.50/hr SP

12. An intelligent, active man who lives near downtown is looking for the right person to assist with his morning routine. The ideal applicant values relationships and enjoys lively discussions. Responsibilities include transfers and personal cares that ensure his continued participation in his community. Open hours: Friday, Saturday 10:30a-2:00p; every other Sunday 10:30a-2p. $12.50/hr LS

13. UNIQUE LIVE/WORK SITUATION in vibrant neighborhood. Two friends who share a house located in Madison's eastside Atwood Neighborhood are looking for a paid roommate who enjoys reading out loud, loves song and dance, and values individuality. The right person cooks and takes time to build relationships. Experience with autism and Type 1 diabetes is preferred but not required if you are willing to learn. Benefits of the position include the following: paid rent and utilities for a separate, private suite with a full bath; eligibility for medical and dental insurance; accrued paid time off; 20 hours of paid work time at $12.50/hour with the option of working additional hours. In exchange for free rent and utilities, there is unpaid sleep time 10p-6a Sunday through Thursday overnights. The paid work schedule is 9p-10p Sunday through Thursday evenings plus 6a-9a Monday through Friday mornings. The morning routine primarily involves assisting one person with getting ready for his work ride. The paid roommate is part of a team of Home Support Workers who provide support throughout the day. The paid roommate is off weekdays 9a-9p Monday-Thursday and weekends starting at 9a Friday-9p Sunday. $12.50/hour HB/OP




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