How we are funded

Options in Community Living is a private, non-profit 501(c)3 organization, governed by a community-based volunteer Board of Directors.

Government support

Funding for Options services is provided through a combination of county, state and federal funds which are administered through the Dane County Department of Human Services. Medicaid waivers are one of the primary sources of revenue funding developmental disability services in Dane County. A Medicaid Waiver is a stream of federal, state and local money which redirects funds from facility to community-based services. In additon, Dane County leads other counties in the state of Wisconsin in the percentage of the county budget dedicated to human services.

Another source of funding is the Medical Assistance Personal Care (MAPC) Program. Individuals are assessed to determine the number of hours of daily personal care they are eligible to receive through this Medical Assistance fee for service program. Options provides MAPC services under a contract with Dane County.

Through the Dane County Self-Directed Services Program, each individual eligible for services is assessed and given an Individual Services Budget. With the assistance of a Support Broker, each individual then shops for and purchases needed services within that budget.

For more information about services for adults with developmental disabilities in Dane County, visit the county website at

Private support

People supported by Options pay for their own housing and living expenses with income from Social Security, SSI and employment.

Options also raises money through private fundraising campaigns that generate less than 1% of our annual operation budget.


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