How we Help

option06.gifOptions staff provide or arrange whatever assistance a person needs in order to live successfully in the community. Options helps each person to identify his/her personal needs and preferences and to organize ways to meet those needs. This may include help in finding and selecting housing or roommates, in arranging for live-in support, hiring and training support workers, providing personal care assistance, making sure that medical needs are addressed in a timely manner, furnishing and moving into a new apartment, or in gaining access to community resources for transportation, employment, leisure-time or financial assistance. It may involve advocating with other service agencies who provide services to the person. It often entails teaching skills in home maintenance, shopping, money management, meal planning, health, and self-care.

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Options' believes that we are able to provide our most effective assistance to individuals when we develop a relationship with the person being supported. Through that relationship, we are able to effectively offer suggestions, a "friendly ear", or companionship to help people make decisions, solve problems and develop satisfying social activities and relationships. Options staff also provide a variety of types of practical help with the complexities of everyday living and in times of emergency or crisis. Options provides staff support 24 hours per day, if needed, and has staff on-call at all times that the office is closed.

Options supports some individuals through assistance from paid roommates, with support ranging from less than one hour per day to 24-hour support. Some individuals live alone or with peer roommates, with varying degrees of come-in staff support ranging from visits several times per day, to weekly visits, or as needed.

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