Self-directed Services

Dane County provides services to people with developmental disabilities through a self-directed services model. Working with a Support Broker of their choice, each individual has the opportunity to purchase the services they need from provider agencies or through generic services. Dane County has adopted this model as a means to shift the power that comes from controlling the use of service dollars directly to the individuals who are receiving services, and away from funders and providers of services. Through this process, Dane County hopes to increase individual satisfaction with services while decreasing the cost of service provision.

Options has been a part of the ongoing learning about self directed services in our county. As of October 2003, all people supported by Options participate in self-directed services.





Right: Untitled by Hollis Gafney

Assisting each person to identify support needs and life dreams is a part of our support. Regardless of how the money flows to pay for the services provided, Options holds the belief that individuals receiving services need to be in control of what, and how, services are provided to them. We continue to learn from people we support about how to share the power that comes from our connections to each other.

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